Why Larger Solar Power Systems Are Better


How much energy savings and ROI can offer your solar system? It is possible that it has complied with the private installers and e-commerce companies that offer different promises to different types of installations of solar systems. You can find out the solar prices here. But what is the best choice for you? By simple math, we have completely discovered the secret to getting the best returns on investment. Here’s how:

With the recent turn of tariffs and incentives to supply ordered by the government, experts estimate that more than the size of your solar energy system, the largest are your long-term returns.

Current 1,5 2 kW Solar Systems

Unfortunately, most Australian households using solar energy on the grid installed several years face the cost of solar panels, limiting their systems 1.5 to 2 kW of capacity. These facilities are just enough to feed energy during the day for the average household, sending some excess power to the grid.

To complicate matters, the rate of feed-in tariffs in government declined in recent years and the only way to benefit from the extra energy from your solar system by establishing large solar panels, 5kW. However, several years ago, the cost of producing these panels based on silicon were expensive, and customers who have faced a dilemma: either to a less expensive installation – system less efficient when it comes to operations long term – solar system or go for the bigger, more effective.

Why 5kW solar systems is the winning choice

Today, however, most Australian households use three systems kW or more by increased energy production due to lower prices of solar panels. Meanwhile, 1.5 kilowatt systems slowly reached their end of service execution for years.

Although 1.5 to 2 kW systems can still produce some surplus to the grid, it seems owners or entrepreneurs are underway for the system of 5 kW much higher. At first, you might think that consumers choose the larger panels are simply making purchases based on what your emotions dictate instead of ordinary logic.

But once the price difference compared between hardware and systems, large and small, get as far wiser option. Also, if you choose the 1.5 kW or 5 kW system, there is not much difference in workloads to start. So why move to a smaller capacity when you can maximize your money for something bigger?

The Bottom Line

Not only the prices of solar panels waiting to let the technology improves. The development of cheaper rechargeable batteries, the growing reliance on electricity with gas means we are in a long term relationship with all that gives us cheap energy. And the power of the sun has always been the most promising source of renewable energy because of its availability.