What Is Solar Thermal Energy?


Solar thermal energy is simply the technology to capture heat from the sun and use it to heat water. As the sun is the most abundant source of energy available to us on earth, it makes perfect sense to use this energy to heat the water used in our homes. Solar thermal systems are increasingly popular compared to other “green” solutions as they are designed to capture energy as heat. PV Solar uses the sun to generate electricity, while solar thermal uses heat to heat water only.

What is needed?
To take advantage of the sun’s energy to heat so the water will have to collectors, a storage tank, expansion vessel, solar station with pump, controller, solar liquid, mounting hardware and piping. Storage tanks can be combined with existing heating systems and solar station comprises the pump and valves necessary for the whole system works.

How does it work?
The sun heats the solar fluid in the solar collector on the roof. In a typical house, two or three collectors are placed on the roof. These are made with glass that can withstand any kind of weather. The controller monitors the temperature of the system and is used to detect when the solar fluid is hotter than the water in the hot water tank. The pump in the pump station Solar collector fluid in the hot water tank. This heat transfer fluid circulates in a coil pipe which is inside the hot water tank heating the water in the tank. Then, this water can be used at home. The heat transfer fluid is pumped to the collector on the roof to remain sun-heated.

Is it effective in winter?
Because it takes the same amount of energy or the sun to heat the water in the tank all the time of year it is, it will perform less well when light of a reduced day, so in the winter, it will not work well, but will give even save on their winter fuel bills. It will provide you with hot water for about 70-80% of the year. To get the maximum benefit from your solar collectors ceiling should be placed on a southern slope of the roof with an inclination of 45 degrees in the sun in a place not shaded.

You can also use solar thermal energy to cool your home. You can get a solar chimney, which is a device that simply pushes heat the house during the summer. The chimney will get heated during the day and into the hot air will rise and that in turn will pull fresh air into the house.

Other benefits include the cost of installation. Solar thermal systems are much easier and safer to install photovoltaic panels. This means that the installation cost will be much lower and that also could be installed by specialists at Handyman Near Me.

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