What Are the Disadvantages of Solar Energy?


With gas prices rise and continue to rise, it seems that we will be increasing need for renewable energy. Renewable energy using the sun, wind, water, and now even biofuels will be right in the future as alternative energy source. However, this concept of solar and wind energy is not new, yet here we are, explore more options and better technology for harnessing solar energy. We will continue to do so for a long time, hoping to get the most out of our sun by a source of even more efficient solar energy. With so many benefits to solar energy, we can get much more than you can lose, but we will ask what are the disadvantages of solar energy? What do we have to lose to have sun?

Although solar energy is an ancient concept, the main disadvantages is the initial cost of the equipment used to harness energy from the sun. Even today, it is still very expensive to use alternative. However, due to the demand for new power due to the depletion of fossil fuels, the cost of solar panels are falling, and is likely to see more and more people who use them in their homes.

For installing a solar power system, it still requires a great are for the system is effective to provide a source of electricity. This can be a disadvantage in areas where space is short and expensive.

Contamination can be a disadvantage for their solar systems, pollution can degrade photovoltaic cells. Even with the clouds, as you know, while blocking sunlight reduces the efficiency of solar energy collection. Of course, this only applies to more solar module components, such as new models using multiple technologies to overcome these effects.

Solar energy is only useful if the sun, which shines with nothing blocking your way. Thus, during the night, the solar system is useless, but with the technology of today, the use of solar battery chargers can help reduce the effects of this disadvantage.

And the last disadvantage of solar energy is where the solar system is installed, since the solar system works when nothing is blocking the way to collect the sunlight. You must find the right place where most sunlight is obtained without any Böcking the way of their solar panels.

Well, since they are the main drawbacks, which are not so bad and can be overcome. The main problem right now is the cost itself and the space required. However, the benefits of the weights affects a small. It is always useful to have solar energy and is one of the best invention mankind has invented.