What Are Solar PV Panels?


Units containing one or many photovoltaic cells for the purpose of producing electricity are known as solar PV panels. As it is evident, the abbreviation ‘PV’ stands for Photovoltaic. The invention of Photovoltaic cells has led to the revolution of generating electricity through solar panels. At the early stages solar PV panels were only used on satellites and a few electronic devices. Nowadays, the innovation of technology has enabled anyone to use solar cells in any type of device they want in order to generate electricity.

The types of solar PV cells

There are three types of PV cells. They are; monocrystalline, polycrystalline (or multicrystalline) and amorphous. All solar cells are made using silicone but they differ according to the method of production and structure.

Monocrystalline cells are considered the most effective and most expensive while polycrystalline cells take second place. Amorphous solar cells are the most inexpensive and least efficient.

The use of PV cells and panels

Upon invention, solar cells were used solely for space shuttles and were considered efficient yet as an expensive method of electricity production. As time progressed they were being used in almost any equipment, especially the ones that use low amounts of electricity. At present the use of solar cells has revolutionized the energy industry by being the number one replacement for electricity through finite fossil fuel.

Modern adaptation of solar power via photovoltaic technology

Speculations of future energy crisis, rising costs of electricity production and intense effects of global warming at its present stage has made solar power the most trusted form of alternative energy. The rapid developments in the field of photovoltaic technology have massively contributed this trend. Solar PV panels are now being built in various forms. Few good examples are; solar bricks that are replacing good old brick walls and cladding, roofing systems and glazing. In fact there are PV cell manufacturers who are able to build to solar panels according to any dimensions and measurements you want.

Solar PV panels for residential electricity

Solar PV panels are now available for very affordable prices in the market. Assembling your own solar electricity generator could be done within a matter of a couple of weeks by purchasing ready-made solar panels. You should remember that you need to fix your roof first. Palm Beach County roofers are ready to inspect and fix your roof, so you do not have to worry about your roof once solar PV panels are installed. Alternatively, thousands of residents are now taking a step forward by building their own solar panels with the help of professional DIY electricity guides. You could also hire a company to assemble a solar electricity unit for your house, but this could end up costing thousands of dollars more compared to the previous two methods.

By building your own solar panels not only do you gain experience which will allow you to build as many solar PV panels as you want overtime, but you also end up saving a hefty amount of money compared to applying this technology using the alternative methods.