What Are 3 Advantages Of Solar Energy?


Solar energy is the energy of the sun exploited. Solar thin “sun” in Latin. The sun’s energy is very powerful and once operated by the use of modern tools can support life. Solar energy is rich, long lasting and, above all, 100% free.


Solar energy does not cause pollution to the ecosystem. The main reason for harnessing energy from the sun is we can not avoid creating the greenhouse effect. It is free of chemicals in the smoke and toxic gases chemically transformed our normal products. artificial atmospheric gases threaten any balance of our land. Accumulation read and carbon dioxide as significantly faster in recent years and show a final reading of 395 parts per million (ppm), which is higher at the beginning of 2013. This is the best remedy to treat harmful increases in our climate and other deficits that are now exposed.

Solar energy is free. Apart from the initial construction of solar panels and maintenance, the use of solar energy is completely 100% free. The power of the sun does not require materials that are expensive as coal or oil to keep. Solar energy production requires very low operating cost of labor and product, as opposed to the production of classic or traditional energy.

Solar energy is infinite. The sun outsize us staggering 330,000 times, and provides sustainable energy during each day of our orbit. It is known provides energy in recent years and continues 4600000000 for another five billion years at least.

The disadvantages

Solar Installation can be very expensive. Technology strapping to the sun’s energy is still a costly alternative. The initial payment when deciding to purchase a solar power kit or solar power farm remains high. Solar panels are huge and compensates the preliminary cost as crystalline silicon solar modules. A new technology has been developed, which is lighter, but was less potent at trapping solar energy.

Solar power is limited to sunny or clear day. Obviously, it is not possible to obtain solar energy at night. The output of solar energy can occur if there is sun. Climate change also pose a challenge, as countries that do not receive adequate exposure to sunlight. These countries have fewer hours of sunlight, and it follows that the level of intensity of the sun is also hampered.

The storage of solar energy is difficult. The technology for solar energy in the hand is being developed. What is there drops of residential solar batteries created for the little use and yet has not been established for industrial use.

What exactly are the Solar System?

Solar panels are systems that change sunlight into usable energy. Photovoltaics is another alternative name for solar panels and first made by an American inventor Russell Ohl way back 1954. Solar panels are composed of layers of boron, silicon and phosphorus, while for the conversion and produce electricity. Solar panels absorb the photons from the sun integration with the photoelectric effect are now converted into usable energy.