True Costs to Dirty Energy


There are many costs to dirty energy, money is the most obvious, but some are more subtle, such as air pollution, destruction of the environment, habitat loss and more. My goal is to make this world a better place, a place where my son can grow old and not have to worry about fear of contamination. Now that may seem a bit extreme, but the MIT study monitored emissions at ground level of the exhaust, fireplaces and residential heating. They found that these contaminants have caused about 200,000 premature deaths each year. This is an impressive number. Incredible, because not only is there a better way, but it is here today, we have to look at what we have to drill so all we have to do is harness the power of the sun.

Solar energy has been around since the 1980s and is confusing to me that this is not common. I understand that not everyone can afford to drop $ 20,000 in your home for an entire solar system, but this kit to my left is only $ 180 and I can save you hundreds of dollars on your bill now kits High energy climbing or so, but I would not recommend the first constructor. I can not stress enough the importance in today’s world to start thinking about the earth and what we do for him. We will come a time when it will be too late to act. Solar panels are a reliable source of clean electricity using a fuel that will be around for billions of years and now I am sure that we understand better. Now I live in one of the snowiest cities in the United States last winter is that my house is my 100% electric bill through the roof! I paid over $ 500 a month and had no money to spare. If I was paying more attention to how my energy has been used, for example, all my lights were lights cheap $ 5 that have existed for centuries and electricity suck. If I turn off the lights when not in the room that I could have saved a few dollars. Now last winter, would have been almost impossible to reduce my heat due to the intense cold, but I was able to build a relatively inexpensive solar panel for me, I could have saved hundreds.

Wind energy has been around since 200 BC, when it is said that the first machine powered by the wind that is dated. Wind power is relatively simple, but not all places are right for them. A good place to start is to look online where you live on a table and average wind speed is greater than 8 mph location is good. While 12 mph is considered the most ideal. Wind energy has come a long way since the days of windmills standing well in the field. Today gears and turbines to maximize small bump still receiving produce maximum amount of electricity used. Many people today choose to build your own solar panels and wind turbines, as they are more profitable. The average cost of a full installation of solar panels for a home is about $ 20,000. This can be countered by some government subsidies, but the cost is still high. The average cost to build a solar panel that can save you 80% on your electricity bill is less than $ 300. This is a great difference in prices on the one hand, has a team of professionals who will be rewarded system but the amount of time it takes will be about 30 years. Moreover you have a house built relatively inexpensive system built you can always updating and editing. The benefits of solar energy and wind power are too numerous to count. If every household in America has installed solar panels, which cost less than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined, and save taxpayers 162 billion dollars a year.