Tips on How to Make the Right Solar Panel Decision


Switching from dirty fossil fuels to solar power can boost your savings and will fulfill your social responsibility in carbon reduction and environmental protection. Making the switch is not a sacrifice, & if you make a smart buying decision then in fact you will benefit from every single dollar that you invest.

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Before consulting a Solar PV specialist be sure to conduct your own research first, otherwise you risk buying something that is not going to be best for your situation as you won’t know if you are getting the correct advice. A quick internet search will aid you with finding out the basics.

Know the different types of solar panels and the other components of the system. Each type of panels has their advantages and disadvantages, and knowing these will assist you correctly decide which best suits your environment and needs. The same applies with various components of the system like the inverter and the smart meter.

Choosing the right company to deal with is as important as the solar panels themselves. It is impossible to give an accurate quote over the phone without them doing an on-site assessment of your property. They should also assess your energy usage and advise on the system that will be able to eliminate your electricity bill. So the most reputable companies will take the time to do all of this for you. You can also check online and do background research of the company to see how well regarded they are. Knowing their suppliers,and that they are well established and market leaders in solar technology is also very important.

Checking that the company and their manufacturers and installers are registered with the Clean Energy Council of Australia will assure you of your purchase’s quality and eligibility for all the rebates and bonuses. The council has published a listing of certified retailers, installers and manufacturers that is available to the public.

After that the next thing that you need to be aware off are the solar schemes’ and rebates for your state. Australia has no national plan yet, and each individual state has different eligibility factors and what you are entitled for. The majority of the states have set a maximum MW output cap rather than a deadline to be eligible for Premium feed in tariffs, so they are still available in your area be sure to clarify when your application is likely to be received to prevent confusion and possible disappointment. Being knowledgeable about the feed in tariff scheme and how to read your smart meters will help you keep track how much savings you can gain and if your electricity retailer is correctly abiding by the policy.

Before the actual installation, make sure that it will be done by experienced and certified installers or otherwise you will not be eligible for any rebates. At the beginning of the installation make sure that they are planning to put the panels are in the best position where they can harness the most hours of sunlight. Also check the job at the end that everything looks tidy and correctly finished off.

Once all this has been done correctly, your solar PV system will basically require no maintenance besides keeping them clean and in their best condition, to assure you of the maximum financial benefits by producing your own clean energy.