The Future Belongs To Solar Power

The Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Despite the fact that solar energy is used for many years, the technology is still considered as being generally again. As people focus too much on the benefits, therefore, the disadvantages of solar energy are often neglected, and many difficulties Pray drop investing a lot of money on a solar panel that could not even function properly for one reason or other.

If you are really serious about solar energy to provide electricity to your home, therefore, you will see that a deep understanding of its disadvantages is crucial. Thus, if you do your research properly, and weighs each point carefully, you find that you can make the best decisions, and benefit from the many positive aspects that comes with solar energy.

The contrast between the solar green energy sources and other

Solar energy is used successfully as a source of energy for over 50 years. Its advantages are well known to those who are even remotely interested in the development of alternative energy sources; However, the truth is that, compared with other methods of “green” energy production, solar energy is considered the first in terms of efficiency or consistency.

Their main rivals are: geothermal energy, wind energy and hydropower. Wind turbines are starting to become more popular and new models are developed all the time, so it can be considered as a viable solution for the future. When compared with solar energy, wind energy is generally considered to be at a similar level. It is more expensive; However, it has an advantage over solar energy, solar energy does not work at night, for example. On the other hand, wind energy can be harvested at specific places where weather conditions are appropriate.

The same problem arises when comparing solar energy to the other two sources of energy as well. Hydropower is a little less clear, however, despite the fact that no direct waste produced. Geothermal energy is very beneficial for the environment, on the other hand, is comparable to solar energy in this regard; However, solar power is less effective.

However, geothermal energy is being investigated because there are many problems with it, because the technology is not yet advanced enough to allow ordinary people will directly benefit by building their own energy sources. Here, the solar panels really shine, that despite the cost, which can be much easier to manufacture, and maintenance problems are generally rare.

Manufacturing costs and purchase

One of the major disadvantages of solar panels is their cost. Both in terms of manufacture and purchase ready-made, the costs can be very daunting. Of course, investment depends mainly on household size, and the type of power using solar energy.

A photovoltaic system of 1 kWh can range between $ 8,000 and $ 10,000. When you think that a family living in a house with 3 bedrooms need a system that can provide approximately 1.3 kW, the cost of a system viable and stable solar panels generally can double or even triple.

Heating systems, solar water are generally much more accessible, however, it requires an investment of about $ 2,000 to $ 4,000. This is good news for those who prefer separate from their power sources, and maybe use multiple systems for greater efficiency.

Even better, the price of arrays of solar panels has dropped considerably over the past two decades. Previously, costs were more than 5 times less affordable, and quality was less acceptable for such investment.

As a result of these developments, many scientists are quite convinced that soon the price and efficacy evaluation of solar energy will be sufficient to permit replacement of conventional energy network, and provide people with a useful, alternative and clean powerful for many energy sources known to date.

Also, if you’re up for it, you can only buy the parts, and make your own system based on solar panels. Depending on your needs, you can make much cheaper, only a fraction of the price of a regular solar panels cost. While this may be a little difficult, with a little work and effort, you can do.

Difficulties DIY

Of course, if you decide to make your own arrangements of solar panels, it is likely to encounter many difficulties, especially if you’re not used to build things from scratch. In addition, to reduce costs, you may have to use inferior materials that could not last long term.

Manufacturers often emphasize the difference in the quality and reliability between a solar panel and make an inexperienced worker can put together. This is, of course, a marketing strategy well, and there is no reason why you can not build a viable solid solar panel. The effort may be too much for some, but if you like good old fashioned work, you will likely be favorable.

Location matters

Another difficulty, regardless of the quality of the solar panel that uses, is the difference between various locations. The main drawback in this regard has to do with the places where sunlight is not always available.

For example, the closer to the poles during the winter season, places rarely made the sun appeared for more than a few hours. This can make it very difficult to use solar panels to produce coherent energy. In addition, in areas where the weather is particularly cloudy, rain or fog, solar panels provide energy, but the efficiency is greatly reduced, and you may need more than the estimated amount to successfully deliver electricity for the whole family.

Of course, if you live in an area where the rain does not come very often, and there is an abundance of sunshine almost every day, array of solar panels might be the best choice for you. In accordance with other factors such as the area she has for her, and the size of the panels themselves, you may be able to achieve excellent results in this case.

Pollution and long-term inconsistencies

Solar energy may be clean from a general point of view, however, remains vulnerable to contamination, that this factor may decrease the effectiveness of a solar panel. Although most of the newer models have no problem with this, older models can be relatively easily affected, the technology was not as advanced in the past, and the materials used were far less reliable.

While solar panels themselves can not be a threat to the environment, if a network system is used far, chances are you need to use lead acid batteries. His life is much less favorable than that of a solar panel (about 5 years for battery, in contrast to the panels 20-30).

Consequently, you are not only faced with additional recurrent costs, but lead and sulfur content in the batteries can be very harmful to the environment acid. Mismanaged, their use can lead to significant problems.

There are ways around this, of course, that over 90% of these materials in lead-acid batteries can be recovered in the recycling process. What you have to do is make sure that you extend the battery life for as long as possible, and take them to a recycling plant later.


In general, we can say that there are many disadvantages in using solar energy as an efficient source of energy for your home. As we have seen, however, all these disadvantages depend on the ability of people to determine exactly what they need, and to compare the results of their abilities. With a correct assessment of the situation, you may actually be able to find a viable solution.

There is no reason why it can not benefit from the positive aspects of this energy source, however, it is noted that the technology is still in its infancy, and if you want to get a good cost / quality you have to do a lot of research, and be aware of any potential problems.

However, experts believe that in a few years, solar energy will gradually become much cheaper, more accessible and more effective. Keep an eye on technological advances, so if you’re a fan of solar energy, you never know when an opportunity may be “shine” in which on the right track.

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