Swiss man takes a world tour on solar powered electric bike


Swiss cyclist David Brandenberger, 46, who is venturing to the far corners of the planet with his custom sunlight based fueled bike, has taken a stop in Manisa, a city in Turkey’s Aegean territory.

Brandenberger told nearby media that he outlined a four meter long trailer, kept money with sun oriented boards, at the back of his three wheeled bike to venture to the far corners of the planet while as yet moderating the earth along.

The protracted trailer empowers him to convey a guitar alongside photography gear.

Amid his endeavor, started July a year ago, Brandenberger will take after the noteworthy Silk Road system to China, predicting his trip to last around 10 years.

Brandenberger, having ventured out 8,000km to date, said the most huge issue of his trip is finding a parking space with his five meter long bike.

“My actual job is opticianry, but the idea of travelling the world makes me very happy”, he said.

Source : TRTWorld, yenisafak.