Solving Climate Change


In a continuing effort to try solar energy and global warming, I will present some things in this article that I think will surprise.

In my last article, I presented a scenario that could provide the entire nation economically produced hydrogen fuel can be derived from solar energy and water (ie without fossil fuels). If other countries were to see what we do, it’s likely follow suit and take the train up hydrogen fuel. After all – with rising gasoline prices, the idea of ​​using low-cost and efficient hydrogen fuel for transportation would be the economic logic. We do not need a multiplicity of government regulations, mandates and subsidies to this as the natural result lead to save the result.

If you believe that global warming is caused man will have devastating effects on the planet and its inhabitants, and the gradual introduction of hydrogen – water based – should appeal to you. On the other hand, still have the fossil fuels used to generate static electricity. To make matters worse, China plans to build 2,200 new power plants in coal power plants by 2030. Even though you may want to persuade them not to go this route, you are depriving its people have the energy to participate in modern industrial facilities and medical achievements that are common in the United States.

So – what’s the solution? How about providing an economic incentive generating electricity for less than the cost of coal production? Since wind power generator is twice as expensive than coal and solar energy is about three times more expensive, what can we do? The answer is – outside the box.

One reason why wind power is so expensive is that transport huge pieces of equipment – as long propeller blades 200 feet – your plant to your site deployment costs money and limits their maximum size. In addition, wind turbines have to be more durable, so they provide for the free energy fuel for at least 40 years.

Here is the answer. Build large energy parks in remote areas of the country – and 60 miles wide by 60 miles long. Now increase the size of wind turbines of 12 megawatts. This will not only reduce costs, but also greatly reduce the use of land. With these thoughts in mind, we build these giant 12-megawatt plant at the site using portable tents and standardized equipment installation. How does this sound so far?

OK – now we will combine wind and solar in a hybrid mode. In other words, we will also use the same deployment wind field of implementing a solar energy system. Even with less windy climate zones in northern sun, we can make the most productive land available. By using my solar thermal systems described above low-cost energy generated – even in a northern climate – will also be less expensive than coal power plant.

From my big energy parks projects are far away from the densely populated use now – Superconductivity – to transmit electricity with minimum line losses. From the high-temperature superconductivity is about five years to become a reality, but we are thinking about it.

What do you think so far? Do I have your attention? Stay tuned for more game changing ideas that I think will surprise you even more.