Solar Panels – A Valid Business Idea?


Many planning applications have recently been established for large solar farms in the UK. For many, the idea of ​​a company evoking such images of a massive initial investment, or business plan crazy!

However, most of the BAS agent services, from their experience, would assert that these sites can be extremely profitable, even if the solar panels themselves are relatively expensive to install.

The UK has a system known nationally as feed rate. This plan pays those who have installed solar panels for every unit of electricity they generate, they are resold to the main network.

For example, a factory can produce 1000 units of electricity per day through a large panel in the ceiling system. Then you can use 300 units of electricity itself, for the supply of equipment within the plant. In this case, the company could easily use the 300 units that were generated by solar panels, instead of having to buy their electricity supplier, so a big savings.

Secondly, there would be 700 units of electricity remains, per day. Then the company would sell to the main network. The exact rate will vary depending on the size of the installation. For a home system, 41.3p per unit is standard (and is linked to inflation, tax-free and guaranteed for 25 years by the government). The plant was paid by units of electricity for their electricity supplier, which means they get a little money and a great saving as described above.

An example would be the recent spate plans for a solar park near Swindon, Wiltshire. Solar panels in this application would generate about 5 MW, which is enough to supply electricity to power over 1,000 homes. True, it generates as much energy requires a great system and application would be 17,000 panels covering more than 30 acres of land. However, there were a lot of local support, despite some opposition, largely on the basis that the installation of solar panels have less local impact of yet another renewable, such as a set of wind turbines alternative energy.

Solar assemblies vary greatly in price from different companies, because of various qualities of panels and different levels of effectiveness. It is highly recommended that you get several quotes, and there are several online comparison sites that will do it for you to get the price of solar panels.