Solar Attic Fans Can Reduce Your Energy Bill


A simple way to reduce your electricity bill

Many owners of Hawaii spend a small fortune to run fans and air conditioning in trying to keep your house cool. Most homes, houses, especially older, depends trade winds to keep your home from becoming unbearable.

Generally people who are trying to beat the heat was just installed an expensive air conditioning system. What they do not realize is that they could reduce their energy bills and save money simply by improving ventilation. It goes without saying that if you can keep the heat naturally, will have less and less fans air-conditioning, lowering their energy consumption. Having regular air conditioner maintenance done can also help save on their energy bill.

How to keep your home cooler Naturally

The radiant heat from the sun hits the ceiling in each sunny day. Every commercial roofer knows that most roofing materials absorb much of the heat, especially asphalt or clay tile roofs. Hot air rises, but can be trapped in their attic or vaulted ceiling. If the hot air does not escape properly migrate down at home and continue becoming hotter and hotter inside. That is why it can often be cooler outside than inside your home.

Consider a ceiling fan with lights that moves air. Ideally, you want a high constant volume of air circulating in your home.

What do you want to set it is known as “Thermal Flow,” which comes out cold air and warm air is out. This thermal air flow can be adjusted by a combination of the contribution or soffit ventilation and adequate attic ventilation. There is only enough to allow hot air; You must ensure that fresh air is circulating.

There are several ventilation systems create ways to exhaust hot air:

Box vents – These vents are more common and less expensive upfront. They are usually made of plastic or metal. You can add additional vents to improve ventilation but not usually work on vaulted ceilings

Vents Whirly Bird – These are a step above a ventilation shaft and works well when a breeze blows. The problem is they are in a ball bearing system and eventually lead and become noisy.

Evacuation Ridge – A very good ventilation solution because it creates a large flow of air through the ridge peak. Ventilation puzzled edge and actually creates low pressure area on both sides of the ridge vent literally suck the hot attic air. This “aspiration” is known as the Bernoulli effect, the wind passing over a structure actually creates a lifting action or traction. The lifting effect of the difference in air pressure is the same force that allows aircraft to fly and sail boats.

Solar attic fans – the best bathroom fans – These have proved more effective in removing unwanted heat. The small built in solar panels literally cause a fan to suck the hot air out. Solar fan 30 watts is usually sufficient for every 1,200 square feet of attic space. Some solar fans are specially designed for installation in vaulted ceilings. Best fans have a brushless motor system and a guarantee of 20 years. We see a lot of units manufactured in cheaper foreign failing within 5-8 years.

Solar Energy Air Conditioner – If natural ventilation does not solve the problems of overheating, air conditioning with solar energy can be a great alternative. These refrigeration units are fully managed by the power of the sun. They are autonomous units and because they are not binding on the electrical system of your home, do not require special license HECO.

The two ceiling fans, solar energy and solar air conditioners are the most powerful way to get the hot air outlet. Being solar devices, they can still qualify for solar tax credits. If you are searching for an air conditioner that can also save you money. then visit portable ac from Live Your Aloha.

Note: check out local furnace repair, if you want to keep your your air always clean.

Source: #1 Roofing Contractors in Queens NY | Roofers & Siding.