Several Ways to Use a Solar Fan in Your Home


A solar fan relates to a mechanical device that uses a solar panel to work. A solar fan requires no additional power supply; if there is enough sun, so it is good to go. As solar panels are paid, the fan will not stop working. It is important to know that solar panels are what determine the efficiency of the fan, and can be mounted on it or be adjusted independently in a good location. You can use it to cool off during the day and can also be used for heating when the weather is too cold for your body. In this article we will be able to understand in many ways a solar fan can be used in our homes.

Types You can use solar fan for your home

Importantly fans solar powered naturally by the sun and can be placed in strategic locations around your home to provide cooling, especially during summer. Below you can find ways to use various types of solar fans at home.

1. Attic Fan

You can use this type of fan in the summer; Your attic fan will be hotter than the sun hits the roof of his house. The itching is much more than can be seen from the fog of the unit. It is good to know that using a small solar panel to the sky let the attic fan to work at its best.

2. Window Fan

At home, a window that faces the direction of the sun can use solar window fan. When you reach your little solar panel, you can set the window so that it faces the sun. This works well because the fan is in the room air blowing while tapping the power is out the window panel. It is important to know that this type of fan can operate without electricity and is considered the perfect alternative to A / C

3. House Fan

If you plan to whip up your entire home with solar fan, fan of house should be the best suited for this purpose. This is done by centralizing a big fan of the house at the base of the attic to allow air to circulate through the house. This is done by connecting the house fan to a solar panel on the roof or you can choose to group all their attic fans in a single panel for this purpose. Whichever way you choose will surely work or you may like when the house cools.

4. Fan Kitchen

A solar fan can also be used in the kitchen if you want to get rid of the latent heat cooking. It’s simple, just put the fan in the kitchen window and fix the solar panel from the window so that it faces the sun. Turn your fans and enjoy.

Ultimately, we leave you with this: using a solar fan in your house requires only the sun (which is naturally always available) to work. The beauty of all this is that you will be able to turn the fan all day, as long as the solar panel receives energy from the sun.