PV Solar Panel Glass


The glass in a solar panel is designed to protect solar cells, but at the same time as the light efficiently and reached the solar cells efficiently without thinking.

When we ask, “How does a solar panel”, tempered glass, which is the material used in the real panel must be part of our discussion. The reason is simple, is not easily broken and when it does not produce sharp pieces of glass that can cause harm to a person when it breaks. A tempered glass is as the glass material of the window of his car. Tempered glass panel also helps provide stiffness. If you have experienced the operation and development of a broken pane, you will feel it is unstable and can break if not completely handled some support from their fields, bottom and side. Now why use such a sign? Well, you need to carry the broken boards and send it to the manufacturer for warranty purposes, hence the need to ensure that no further damages.

Although solar cells have been integrated into the anti-reflective coating to prevent the inner layer of silicone to reflect light, the glass panel can further improve energy conversion using clear additional non-reflective material. But this anti-reflective coating on the glass may not last long or can not follow the life cycle of the panels and can reduce the performance of the panels in several years. Another method for resolving this problem is to texture the glass surface, which reduces reflection and even this to work, the rough texture may become a means of dirt or dust to attach to the surface and may not be easy or even winds heavy rains to evict them from the cup. This is where low iron tempered glass comes in where it provides long-term protection for panels of external harmful elements such as dust, water, chemicals, objects, or other biological factors that may impair the inside panels. This specialized type of glass is also stable under prolonged ultraviolet (UV), highly transparent, waterproof and gas and is self-cleaning. PV glass iron content is significantly reduced during manufacture to mainly improve transmittance.

Manufacture of glass for solar panels are not only to build it. Manufacturers also adhere to international standards in order to make safe and reliable glass.

Of course, if you build your own solar panel, you have the option of using special high quality glass however, if you are a beginner, a good glass material is Plexiglas, which has similar characteristics of tempered glass. Plexiglass is actually a brand name and also called safety glass. Knowing these facts about the glass used is only the first step in answering the question of “how a solar panel.”