Our Solar Energy Future


The transport sector of the US business community have helped make this country the strong nation is. Progress has been made in many areas that will strengthen our future of solar energy and improve our position in the world, even more than it is now. The good news comes from the reduction of petroleum use and emissions of greenhouse gases in the transport. This comes from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory and confirmed by the Ministry of Energy and its previous assessments. Transport is responsible for over seventy percent of our oil consumption thus reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, accounting for more than thirty percent of this number is very beneficial to our national well-being power.

Solar electric cars are increasing. However, prices will fall further to average consumers can find cars more affordable. Like many of the technology, there will be less expensive ways for manufacturers to produce them. The positive effect on air quality will be. Our future solar energy will become stronger as the benefits are seen by all citizens. The will of the people is behind it, because the results will be positive on the economic cost of gas and the continuous increase.

Progress not only in the US but around the world about our future of solar energy continues on many levels. Many universities are investigating solar cells that develop increasingly effective in terms of the amount of sun energy will turn into practice. Although the use of decreases fossil fuel, the need throughout the developing world to cheap energy is increasing. Once solar energy becomes cheaper to use, there will be more interest worldwide in its use for domestic and industrial use. Germany is an excellent example of what the enormous changes that have taken place in connection with the switch of the nation in solar energy. Our future solar energy will also grow if the same initiatives that Germany has used can be used in the US also. Germany provides financial incentives in the form of payments for his people to make the transition to solar energy in their homes and businesses.

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Our future solar energy will have a major effect on our economy with increased employment in relation to many sectors of the labor market. As this industry grows, jobs will be added in the manufacture, marketing, construction, and research and development to the list of job opportunities.