Off Grid Solar – The Best Financial Solution for Your Home


Consider using solar energy in a better way? Installing a solar power system outside the network today and stay tension free all year – round!

As we can see, solar power systems have become very popular these days because of its effectiveness and meaningful approach. This new trend of installing solar systems in homes has radically changed the way we live. This is the most effective way to manage your home with free electricity and store all your utility bills thereafter. Typically a solar system outside the network is a group of solar panels that are connected to the main power grid, making it possible for you to get all the valuable benefits of solar energy while sitting at home. Undoubtedly, the installation of these systems can take care of all your electrical problems, but it is important to set your budget before installation.

A solar grid is constituted by:

• An array of solar panels to generate energy
• A charge controller for transferring energy from batteries panels
• A battery bank to store the correct amount of batteries
• A power inverter DC to AC rotating usable.
• A generator (optional)

To use these systems properly, it is best to make sure your house is located in the right neighborhood you can make use of the sun’s energy. Sunlight plays a vital role in recharging your batteries so it is recommended to place the panels either on the roof or in your garden.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of these systems, and some of them are written below.

• They are easily expandable
• plots outside the network are cheaper compared to the network to be affordable
• Can be used anywhere depending on the amount of sunlight in this particular region
• The energy produced from these systems can be stored for use in future purposes
• These systems tend to force use electricity efficiently
• The satisfaction and peace of mind
• easy and hassle

• They rely entirely on time
• Backup Maintenance
• The lack of troubleshooting

In these systems, there are mainly two ways of generating renewable natural energy, including solar and wind power. So far, this is considered the best way to access the full independence of the monthly electric bill and get the satisfaction of living off the grid.