Make Your Business Ready for an Electricity Blackout


30 years ago, everyone hopes the world are increasingly sophisticated and politically stable. Today it seems that there have been many technological advances, but the power supply is uncertain even if you use the best electrician service.

This is partly due to the dynamics of the world have presented us with an oil supply much more destabilized and governments have an interest in increasing taxes on energy and no water because there is a severe lack of resources but to feed their habits constantly increasing.

A strategy for all small businesses to consider when you own your home or intends to stay in place for the next 10 years or older, you get more independent and reduce dependence on the net delivered energy.

With the sun at bargain prices and technology constantly improving battery panels, current technology allows change largely driven by alternative energy operations using the network as a backup. For example, an accessory that is 48 volts DC and 100-277 Volt AC supply network can connect two systems, a battery backup system DC supplied by solar or wind power, and grid.

Why 48Volts DC voltage and not another?

In deciding how best DC voltage is used around your home or factory we reached the conclusion that there must be:

within the Low Voltage Directive internationally (LVD) accepted and therefore below 75 volts and
who wants to be the highest safety voltage to reduce the costs of copper wiring. When run with half the voltage (24 volts) and thus the current requirement conductor size, doubling the cost of cabling infrastructure would double. If you need help installing new cables contact someone from to help you.
Therefore, the most practical and safe nominal voltage is 48 volts to 60 volts becomes fully charged and uncharged still be below 75 volts LVD.

There are suggestions in the field of community using much higher DC voltages recommend against in a small environment, mainly due to its hazardous nature to electricians and users. Their attraction is costs much lower wiring, but the safety factor must have the highest regard.

What else is important?

Off-the-shelf and maintains affordable energy management systems are an essential part of the use of alternative energy wisely. Enable optimal power management while providing maximum comfort using occupancy sensors, temperature and daylight to avoid using energy when not needed. Insulation plays a huge part of keeping the warmth in during the cold winter months, Demilec spray foam insulation in the walls will keep your energy dollars in your pocket.

Air conditioning can take DC?

Yes you can. There are systems of solid state cooling that can run both a 48 V DC. They often need a water circuit for transporting heat inside and outside the building and can be more practical in a re-model or new construction rather than a straight renewal. These systems are also based on very isolated rooms as they generally do not have overcapacity in conventional air conditioning systems.