Google’s new project could convince you to buy solar panels


Google Project Sunroof shows how much solar juice is on your roof, no math needed :

Google wants to make it easier for people to consider the use of solar energy for their homes. Today has launched a tool called Sunroof Project, which uses data from Google Maps to calculate the solar power potential of your roof.

It is a simple but ingenious system: the use of satellite images of high resolution, Google measures the area on the roof to calculate how much you could benefit from solar energy.

It will provide an estimate of the amount of sunlight your roof will have one year, taking into account the shade of trees and neighboring buildings, as well as the orientation of the roof and weather. You can also enter their typical electricity bills to refine your results.

This information is combined to calculate how much money can be saved, and Google link you to local suppliers of solar energy.

It is a smart idea that could actually make people who would otherwise not have been interested in solar energy. Carl Elkin, head of engineering, said he created the project to meet people mistakenly believe that solar power is too expensive, or that their roofs are not getting enough sun.

Sunroof project eliminates the hassle and easy to make this assessment quickly and at your leisure, without having to spend hours in an expert to come and give a quote. The process takes about 10 seconds.

To test the tool itself, simply enter your address on the website sunroof Project. Currently only works in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno and Boston, but will be expanded to other regions “in the coming months.”