Five crazy things being powered by the sun


The aircraft Solar Impulse is not the only unusual element being powered by the sun.

Why not everything is being powered by the sun? It’s the most powerful thing in the solar system! This is why it is called the solar system.

Here are five of the most unusual objects already using solar energy.


solar energy car


Solar cars have been in development for years. Now, Ford is turning to the sun. And last month in the World Solar Challenge, a Dutch team won with Stella, the first family car with solar energy. Stella drove 2000 miles in a criterion purely on solar energy.


Would you rather pay $ 10,000 for a gold medal Apple Watch with a battery that lasts 18 hours, or spend $ 99 for a Solar Watch Casio G-Shock that would last a few months when fully charged. Of course, the Casio not tell you when you have an incoming call …

Trash cans

Why a city or a large corporation would spend $ 4,000 for a trash can with solar energy? The panorama, people. A company called Big Belly sells expensive, trash compactors to solar energy. The use of solar energy to compact trash, Big Belly reduces the need for garbage pickups per week, eventually recover the initial cost of fuel economy on the highway.

Air Conditioning

Use the sun’s heat to relax your house? Cool! Systems A / solar C are sold by companies like Lennox. They cost thousands of dollars to install, but you can still get great discounts.


When disaster strikes and the power goes out, you can still continue typing with a keyboard on solar energy (Solar equipment and on, mouse and Wi-Fi, assuming that there is a Wi-Fi system work to exploit). Logitech has sold solar keyboards for years. When fully charged, the keyboards can work up to three months … even in total darkness.