Enbridge and EDF Join Forces to Construct a Massive 577MW Solar Plant in Ohio


Enbridge, a Canadian oil and gas company, has formed a joint venture with EDF Renewables North America to develop and operate the Fox Squirrel solar farm in Ohio. With a capacity of 577MW, this solar plant is being constructed in three phases.

Enbridge has acquired a 50% stake in the joint venture, solidifying its commitment to renewable energy projects. The project is supported by 20-year fixed-price power purchase agreements, ensuring stable revenue streams.

The Fox Squirrel solar farm is located in Madison County, Ohio, and is being developed in partnership with Geenex Solar. The first phase, with a capacity of 150MW, is expected to be operational by the end of 2023. This project marks EDF Renewables’ entry into utility-scale solar facilities in Ohio.

Ryan Pfaff, Executive Vice President of Grid-Scale Power at EDF Renewables, expressed excitement about the partnership with Enbridge and the development of the Fox Squirrel Solar Project. This collaboration signifies a successful continuation of their joint efforts in the renewable energy sector.

By investing in renewable energy and partnering with EDF Renewables, Enbridge is taking significant steps towards diversifying its portfolio and reducing its carbon footprint. The construction and operation of the Fox Squirrel solar farm will contribute to Ohio’s renewable energy goals, creating a more sustainable future for the state.

This joint venture between Enbridge and EDF Renewables demonstrates the increasing interest and investment in solar energy projects, as countries worldwide strive to transition to cleaner sources of energy. The Fox Squirrel solar plant is set to make a substantial contribution to Ohio’s renewable energy capacity, supporting the state’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

The completion of the Fox Squirrel solar farm will mark a significant milestone in Ohio’s renewable energy sector, providing clean and reliable energy to thousands of households and businesses. Enbridge and EDF Renewables’ partnership showcases the power of collaboration in driving the development of large-scale renewable energy projects.

With this venture, Enbridge is not only making strides in the renewable energy sector but also solidifying its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. It sets a positive example for other companies looking to transition to cleaner energy sources and play a crucial role in combating climate change.

As the world continues to recognize the importance of renewable energy, projects like the Fox Squirrel solar farm are instrumental in shaping a greener future. Enbridge’s collaboration with EDF Renewables represents a significant milestone for the Ohio solar industry, and it paves the way for further investments in renewable energy across