Cool Your Home With Heat, Get Solar Air Conditioning


The dog days of summer can be brutal in the cooling system of your home, but these are the days when you need your system is functioning at its highest level. You could lower your system cool, but not only this strain of sale system, but also will raise your utility bill. Most people think they have only two options: a sweat or pay outstanding bills. What if you could cool your home with the warmth of the sun? Sounds crazy, right? Welcome to the future, we now have the opportunity to harness the sun’s energy and use it to cool our homes.

Solar air conditioning units are perfectly suited to its purpose. They work best when shines bright and hot sun. While these devices work in different ways, the most common mechanism is the absorption machine. Solar panels are fed alternatively used for heating and cooling the water in the machine, that is then evaporated or condensed. The alternating cycles of evaporation and condensation of cold air coming out of the quiet cooling fan. Alternatively, you can also connect your power system sun central cooling panels on its roof. If you need help with installation contact Brisbane air con installation.

Solar air conditioning seems that this would be an expensive task, and while the costs of implementation may be slightly higher at first, the overall savings that these units will provide considerable. Like any machine, the cost of each unit varies depending on size, power and model. The standard measure for the production of these machines or calculated BTU British Thermal Units. They are equivalent to 1500 joules.

In addition to the panels on the roof, the Bluon Organization provides us with two common methods to provide your home with a cooling power of the sun or through a series of wall units or more outdoor unit that resembles traditional cooling units. Wall units are smaller and cheaper than the larger outdoor units. They are available in three different sizes, but the only difference, besides its size are its BTU output and price. You can expect a wall unit 12 to 24,000 BTU. The standard price range from the smallest to the largest unit is approximately 14 to $ 1,800. This is the best choice for someone who does not spend all that much money at first, but would still like to see a reduction of around thirty to fifty percent of your energy bill.

If you are looking for outdoor solar air conditioning, your price range will be between two and three thousand dollars, according to Bigham’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning (read about that more from It’s just the price of the machine. You also still have to pay a professional to come and install your unit. In general, you can expect to spend about five thousand dollars in total. So this option is more expensive, but also more energy efficient. Eventually you will end up saving more than you go first. Mastering the elements. Turn the same sun and cool off with a solar air conditioner. Check out portable air conditioner reviews helpful for buying the right one.