Converting Your Business to Solar Power


Before his conversion to solar energy business, you want to make sure you make a sound fiscal investment. Solar energy makes a big statement to its customers in its environmental conscience, but just want to make sure that you also get a tangible return on investment. the benefits of maintaining and properly organising a customer base, the process of converting would only be expedited.

In the past five years, the commercial use of solar energy has increased by 487% as businesses see that installation costs are manageable, while their dependence on the grid – and its electricity bills – tumbling. Large companies such as IKEA have adopted the concept; in your store Draper, Utah, 4228 panels that feed your store and produced enough to supply 120 households in the region each year surplus.

Solar Power Equipment installation for most companies

Solar power for the installation of the company requires the installation of panels are usually installed in the ceiling, but also can be implemented on the ground. Whether your roof is flat or inclined seal foot, there are achievable solar solutions available. Installers sturdy mounting brackets to the wind at the best angle to pick up as much sun and good inclination that allows them to increase production.

In the northern hemisphere, the panels are mounted in general, to address south and positioned to be clear of obstructions so that they receive at least four hours of sun during the winter solstice. While the panels are light, they can be added to the load on the roof, especially when they are covered with snow. If the roof can not withstand that weight, or whether it is small or is not configured for optimal installation panels, floor installation is the preferred alternative.

Lease and purchase options make install Attractive

Installation of solar panels can be expensive, but local, state and federal incentives can bring down the price. Many utilities, offer grants, loans and loan guarantees to offset the cost, while some countries offer a 10% tax credit of up to $ 50,000 corporate and sales tax exemptions for certain purchases. At the federal level, companies can apply for investment tax credit of 30% has no lid and use a system of modified accelerated cost recovery (MACRS) for equipment depreciation. In addition, most providers offer solar lease options that require little or no down payment.

For most companies, saving monthly or annual energy is what makes the installation of solar energy attractive. A contractor specializing in commercial facilities can help calculate the amount of energy your system can generate and can help you determine how this corresponds with their energy needs. Then, you can determine how much your utility costs for electricity to be replaced with solar energy – some companies are able to go to 100% or more (which is the case of IKEA), and some companies simply choose to supplement their needs by 50% or more solar. Even if you decide to install panels to manage part of their consumption, you can continuously add. If you generate more energy than you consume, you can sell back to the power company to offset their own utility costs.

To determine how solar energy to offset the energy costs of your business, contact a specialist in solar energy to information and a free quote.