Clear Explanation of Home Solar Power Generation


There must be groups of questions about solar energy at home, but can not receive clear answers for them. Here is a list of questions and clear answers about solar energy. I hope you can help everyone who reads the list.

1. What should I do before installing the system?

First, you should get a professional to collect information from your home, including the type of property (residential or commercial), the structure of the house, roof, monthly energy consumption and so on. Based on the information gathered earlier, the installer will install an economic plan for you to maximize your profits.

2. How do I pay for installation?

This is a difficult question to answer because different regions have different price levels. For example, the installation price in China is generally between 12,000 yuan / kW and 13,000 yuan / kW. In the United Kingdom or the United States, probably the price is higher, at least.

3. What area do I need to install the system?

First you have to know much roof area has; Second, estimate the size of your system should be; Third, calculate. The average requirement is each kW of solar panels can occupy about 10 square meters. That is, if you want to build a system of 3 kW, needs 30 square meters on the roof.

4. Is a system of this type need batteries?

I do not think people like to buy batteries because they are relatively expensive as a reason. The other reason is that it is not necessary for most homeowners. The truth is that even people living in remote areas where national networks can not reach, so that their systems can connect to these networks. Under this condition, the system needs batteries. If not, it is suggested to connect the system to the local home network.

5. What are the components needed for the system?

They are solar panels, inverters, stands, cables, mounting hardware and so on. If you are building a large system, also must transformers, power distribution cabinets and others.

6. Can I recover my investment?

Building a solar PV system is an investment, and you can recoup your investment, provided the system to the local national network is connected. Once connected, you can obtain payment of local government that is granted by the central government policy (some countries do not have this policy). If there is political, one can obtain payment for each kWh of electricity sold to the grid. It takes many years for you to get your money. Note that you will never have to pay their electricity bills as much as before installing the system.

7. This system may be able to get rid of thunder, hail, electrical leakage or other problems?

DC Circuits junction block and the investor have all the function of overload protection. When these extreme conditions occur, these circuits automatically turns off. Do not worry. In addition, each general panel of high quality and can withstand extreme shots or leave.

8. Can my house be powered even if the grid can not be provided?

If this condition occurs on the day and the system is still working, your home can be fed. If the night, you will not have to use electricity unless you install the batteries inside. Normally, it is suggested that users purchase batteries. However, if your house is located in a remote area of ​​India, you might need.

9. The power supply system in a mood stable in the long run Can?

Will not age. I will come to be not as effective as it is today at a rate of around 7% or more each year. This means you can retain power generation up to 20-25 years in a good condition. But if you have the batteries will not last forever.

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