CIAL to be world’s first fully solar-powered airport


Kochi International Airport is on track to become the first airport in the world to draw all its power from solar energy. The airport would generate 12 MW of solar energy, and work should be completed in three months. Bosch is the structure of the airport to build the necessary structures.

CIAL, the company that manages the airport, plans to raise between 50,000 and 60,000 units of electricity per day and would cost Rs 64 million rupees. Solar panels have arrived at Chennai airport and related works are underway.

The airport already has a 100 kW pilot project generates 1.1 MW power project for the company and produce 5000-5500 units of power every day. Currently, the airport needs about 50,000 units of energy every day.

When the new power supply is installed, you can sell excess energy KSEB. From now on, there is a program of the bank with the KSEB to where excess energy is sold to the Board. It is believed that the project would break even in four years. The panels were constructed so that they can adapt to the expansion of the airport.

When the new international airport terminal comes into existence, the airport would nearly one lakh units per day. Then you could use small hydro power to meet the requirements. The government has allowed the company to operate eight hydroelectric projects are being built by a subsidiary – CIAL Infra.