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Saturday , 24 February 2018

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What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Solar System Installer

With non-renewable sky rising energy costs each year, people are turning to solar energy. As you can see, the trend now is to focus on going green and most companies and private owners are on the lookout for green energy production. Now you can create, either of their own solar panels or hire a solar panel installer qualified to do ... Read More »

Pros and Cons of Employing Solar Powered Lighting

solar lights

Solar landscape lighting is an excellent choice to decorate and brighten up your home garden and pathways of the night. Like other types of outdoor lighting, solar lights also have their own strengths and limitations. The advantages and disadvantages of using solar garden lights: Benefits He uses renewable energy Solar garden lights allow us to exploit the sun’s energy, a ... Read More »

Americas Electric Grid Left Unprotected!


Red electric left unprotected against EMP and solar flares; It would take the US $ 2 billion to fix … -Opinion- We here in America do not realize how old our infrastructure. See were the first in a number of areas. It was good, it gave us a great advantage over the rest of the world. The problem is that ... Read More »

What Are Solar Homes?


Cooling and heating a house requires a lot of energy, and for most of us, this means huge utility bills and a lot of stress. However, for homeowners who live in solar houses, things are a little different. But it is a solar house, you may ask? Well, it’s a modern using green house solar power to meet its energy ... Read More »

Energy Efficiency: The Impact Of Renewable Power

benifits of solar energy

For most of the past decade, the term “global warming” has been tossed around, but just what does that mean exactly? Simply place the global warming is the gradual increase of the temperature of the atmosphere of the earth. Due to the greenhouse effect global warming is attributed to carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants to the harmful effects of ... Read More »

Reasons Why Solar Energy Is The Answer

solar energy risks to health

Now, if you do not know or have not heard of solar energy and its potential, then you must be living under a rock somewhere. Our long-standing provider of heat and light, the sun, where solar energy is coming from. This seemingly endless power source was considered by past civilizations and worshiped as a God too. That’s all for a ... Read More »

Make Your Business Ready for an Electricity Blackout

Electricity Blackout

30 years ago, everyone hopes the world are increasingly sophisticated and politically stable. Today it seems that there have been many technological advances, but the power supply is uncertain. This is partly due to the dynamics of the world have presented us with an oil supply much more destabilized and governments have an interest in increasing taxes on energy and ... Read More »

Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Keep your energy bills can be a challenge, especially in the winter months. However, there are many things you can do to make your home more energy efficient, reduce costs and help the environment in the process. Some of these tips require initial capital, but reducing your energy bills will more than make up for it in the future. Generate ... Read More »

The Basics and Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heater can help reduce the cost of maintaining a backyard pool. Instead of using the traditional mechanical system, you can harness energy from the sun to keep the comfortable water for her family. How Does It Work To increase the temperatureof H2O with a swimming pool solar heating system, equipment pump water through a special filter in hot ... Read More »

It’s All Regarding Solar Power Info

Solar panels are the most dominant manifestation of renewable energy available in the market today. You can use them to generate heat, electricity and indoor and outdoor lighting. Solar energy has been tested for human use for centuries. Due to space exploration and urgency of process energy, technology has progressed beyond all expectations in a very short period of time. ... Read More »

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