Are Your Solar Powered Lights Not Working – What Could Be Wrong?


Solar powered lights are increasing in popularity throughout the world, providing you with a cost effective and environmentally friendly lighting solution that you can rely on and trust. There are times when your solar powered lights don’t perform as expected. This may be anything from them not giving off any light to them giving off too little lights. Knowing potential problems and what you need to do to rectify the situation can help you enjoy these energy saving lighting solutions now and in the future.

Before you start trying to identify why your solar powered lights are not working properly, you need to understand what they comprise of and how they work. These lights are made up of four important components; the battery, the sun, a controller and a LED light. The sun shines onto a solar panel which is highly absorbent, soaking up the natural light. The controller then converts this light to energy which is stored in the battery. In turn, when you turn on the lights, the battery powers the lights. This enables you to have light throughout the day and night, as and when needed.

When you have been using your lights for some time, you may notice that they start to dim, they may even only work for a short period of time. This can be a result of the battery no longer holding charge. It is common for these batteries to last between one to two years, after this time you need to change them to continue enjoying your solar powered lights. Think of these as your phone battery, you need them to charge and then discharge. A battery can only manage so much of this demanding abuse before it starts slowing down.

This can be a result of the battery not charging properly. It is advisable to speak to he company where you purchased your solar powered lights to see if they have an ideas on what the issues could be. It may be something as simple as changing the battery or the controller without having to replace the entire unit.

It is also important to remember that the earth is constantly moving, which means the sun doesn’t stay in the same location at all times. You need to carefully place the panel to ensure it gets maximum sun exposure on a daily basis, throughout summer and winter. As you know from getting sunburn, the sun’s dangerous rays can still get through clouds, so even on a cloudy day you will find that your batteries will charge and your solar powered lights will work.

Another important thing to remember when you are storing your solar powered lights is to remove the batteries. This will reduce the strain on the battery and help the item last that bit longer. See this as your car. When going away for long periods, you disconnect the car battery to ensure it doesn’t cause unnecessary drain and reduce the risk of the battery not working on your return.

Always ensure that when buying solar powered lights that you only buy from a reputable and reliable company with years of knowledge and experience in the industry. The quality of the solar powered lights is imperative to how long they live and how well they work.

When you buy lower quality while trying to get the most for your budget, you may find that the batteries don’t hold charge and that you are constantly running out of power when you need it most.