Americas Electric Grid Left Unprotected!


Red electric left unprotected against EMP and solar flares; It would take the US $ 2 billion to fix …
We here in America do not realize how old our infrastructure. See were the first in a number of areas. It was good, it gave us a great advantage over the rest of the world. The problem is that now a disadvantage. Its been over 50 years since our main electrical infrastructure has been established. Hurricane Sandy showed a flash of vulnerability. When the storm hit New York and New Jersey, which has almost erased all coastal areas of both states. But there was another disturbing development. The power was lost in all states, though the storm apparently did not seem to hit as hard power was lost. This occurred because electricity is sent to the plant, for telephone poles. This makes them vulnerable to the elements. Meaning when the tree fell is power. And when the citizens of both states were without power, is not found in many areas for two or three weeks. Of course, this happened in winter, leaving families gel and even some older people lose their lives. Most Americans do not realize that telephone surveys as a means of providing electricity is an ancient practice in the world, such as copper wire used in them. Today the electricity infrastructure is built underground and a fiber optic cable. This property is no longer even the most serious problem with our electric grid. When the real problem lies in transformers. They are the most vulnerable part. when it comes to truly catastrophic events that may occur in the near future. Simply put, when using a power strip in our house they built in surge protector, so you do not fry our televisions or computers. Americas huge monolithic processors that power in this country are so not enjoy this and are not protected against overvoltage.
Data — —
A –Either or large solar flare EMP can erase our electricity in the United States
Low would not years –Electricity day.
–according The government is considering 90% of the US population would die within 12-18 months.
–The Problem could be solved in 3-5 years.
–The Cost of solving the problem would only be $ 2 billion.
Whether it is –Their HR Bill 668 to address the problem, called the Shield Law.
Roscoe Bartlett –Congressman gave birth to Bill
–Rep. Lisa Murkowski killed
–it A one in eight chance that a solar flare occurs Mega 2020
–Mega Solar flares are estimated to occur once every 100 years.
–The Next solar maximum should occur in late 2013.
–In 1859 saw the largest solar flare registered, called the Carrington event.
-1 Crude nuclear weapon could cause a devastating EMP event affecting the mains.
A –China claimed to have tested a super weapon EMP.
A –Iran tested ballistic missiles in a way EMP.
A –NASA launched a project called Solar Shield as an alternative to prevent massive damage to the network.
Testimony of Dr. Pedro Vicente –Sworn Fry of Homeland Security.