6 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bill


What can you do to reduce your energy bill? You should really install insulation, investing in energy efficient appliances and consider solar panels for your home. At the same time, you can take other measures that are much simpler and cheaper although it is very effective too.

1. Use the microwave.

The average microwave does not use much energy but the best convection microwave will use 90% less energy than the average oven cooking. That’s why it makes sense to use the microwave to reheat leftovers and cooking meals too. Alternatively, you can use a steamer and grill because they use less energy than the oven too.

2. Never leave the devices you are not using it.

Just run a check every time you leave the house, and every night before going to bed You can save a lot of money each year for standing objects such as lights, fans and small appliances work when you are not around.

3. Plant trees in your garden.

Trees and shrubs are working to give the house a natural insulation. Conifers in particular will do an excellent job in keeping the house cool in summer and warm in winter. They are relatively cheap to invest in. You just have to make sure that planting trees does not compromise the security of your property.

4. Use cold for all doors and windows.

Weatherstripping is easy to install and it can be found in any hardware store. You can Buy Blinds Online roller blinds work just as efficiently for the windows and are a lot cheaper when bought online compared to weatherstripping. Both prevent drafts and heat escapes so you can reduce your energy bill considerably.  For best results, install weatherstripping even on the garage door and windows, and while you’re at it, also hire a Locksmith to renew any door locks.

5. Set your boiler to 120 degrees.

This simple step can save you hundreds each year. This is because when the boiler is set to a higher temperature than that, it consumes much more energy to heat water and keep warm enough.

6. Make minor repairs to save a lot of time.

If you leave all the little cracks and crevices in your home and especially around doors, windows and piping repair, lose the same amount of energy than if you left a window open for a year. Cracks and crevices are simple, easy and cheap to repair. Must use some caulking and some basic tools.

For best results, you should use these steps to reduce your energy bill.