6 Must-Have Energy Efficient Devices In Your New Home


The good news about going green and installing energy saving devices in the home is that it is not necessary to make big changes immediately. You can make your home energy efficient by installing a device at a time. What devices are these? Let’s look at the most popular.

1. Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat, instead of regular, will help regulate the energy used to heat your home. You can program the thermostat to lower the level of heating during the day and at bedtime. These thermostats also feature a priority control, allowing you to raise or lower the temperature of the home you want, without canceling the set schedule. So every time you go out, you can lower the temperature of the house and save energy.

2. Solar Charger

The concept of the use of the indefinite storage of solar energy to recharge phones or laptops is pure genius. The portable chargers use sunlight or even indoor lighting to charge your devices and are a smart way to keep your phone or laptop running even when you’re in one place for long periods.

3. Eco-Switch

Get an eco for each switch card switch help you save energy that would otherwise be empty when the devices connected to the card was not used. Install an eco switch for each power strip and can be used to turn off all devices connected to the card.

4. Smart Plug

You know how sometimes we forget to disconnect the phone after the battery is fully charged? Smart plugs can solve this problem. It can be mounted anywhere on your home page and then use them to charge your phone or laptop. After the battery of your device is charged, intelligent power off automatically, saving a lot of energy.

5. Energy Management Systems

Installing an intelligent energy management allows you to control energy use throughout the house via a remote control. In some cases, these systems can still be synchronized with your smartphone, so you can adjust the power of all devices and appliances in your home when you are outdoors. So now you do not have to worry about keeping your lights or any other source of energy, you’ll switch to that power in your hand. Literally!

6. compact fluorescent lamps and LED

Both LED and compact fluorescent lamps are good alternative efficient standard incandescent bulbs energy. Despite costing far more than incandescent bulbs, which are much cheaper in the long run, as will be apparent to you to see your monthly electric bill. These light sources last even longer than normal bulb, have a much smaller carbon footprint and emit high light intensities. Win-win situation is not it?