4 most common uses of solar technology


Solar energy is one of the most popular forms of people have jumped on the bandwagon “Going Green”. The solar systems provide ways to make clean, renewable energy from the sun to electricity; However, as with all new systems, a large initial investment is required in terms of installation and setup.

There are four main ways that solar systems are used in homes now:
a) Solar Powered Heating: gas, oil and electricity cost a fortune, especially when you need to heat water in winter. Many people prefer to buy a new boiler or heating unit to optimize efficiency and get more for your home heating; But in the long term, which runs on electricity, oil or gas will generate large accounts. Although the cost for the first time in the Solar System product installation is high, never a utility bill will be generated.

b) Battery charged by solar energy : There are many water heaters, feed pumps and lights require a battery to operate. You can use solar energy to recharge these batteries. A lot of devices such as calculators mathematics hand, cell phone chargers and batteries games with solar cells that convert solar energy into electricity. You can even embellish your garden by placing multiple platforms, decorative solar outdoor lights can illuminate in the dark.

c) Solar Powered cooking: cooking should be done every day, and an electric oven can generate a large bill; Moreover, if there is a shortage of energy, you need to use expensive restaurant food. Many people have installed solar energy operated furnaces and going instead of traditional stoves at home. You can even create one yourself. All you need is a box, a pot, a bag of baking foil, Styrofoam, thermometer and tape and you can have your own box of solar cooking at home.

d) Solar Ventilation: As the product of the solar system can generate electricity from the sun, which can be used to operate your bathroom, floor and ceiling fans and air conditioning. Fans and air conditioners are used in homes to vent air and prevent moisture and humidity to install in your home. See how many fans running in every house every day and calculate the cost of electricity generated; high power fans, such as exhaust fans in your bathrooms and kitchens require more energy to work. With a solar energy system, you can reduce your electricity bills to nothing.