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Tuesday , 20 February 2018

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Various Advantages of Going Solar

The sun is undoubtedly the richest source of energy available to our planet. He was feeding our planet since the dawn of time. However, with the recent development of solar technology, it became possible for us to use solar energy to produce electricity. Previously, it was available only for scientific laboratories and commercial organizations, but with the falling costs of ... Read More »

Latest Research About the Solar Cells Industry

Today there are a variety of groups of scientists from several prestigious universities around the world that focus on photovoltaics and are willing to take research on solar cells to a whole new level. All research efforts can be divided into three main categories: do these cheaper and more efficient cells, develop new materials to serve as light load and ... Read More »

Solar Impulse 2 Puts Solar Technology in the Spotlight

solar impulse

The solar technology was news lately, and it’s easy to see why. It is a fascinating topic that homeowners and business owners are of similar interest, mainly because of their ability to save money. Perhaps the reason the news of the Solar Impulse 2 landed in Hawaii and the establishment of a register is so compelling. About the Solar Impulse ... Read More »

Why Switch to Full Potential of Solar Power?

In the Know About Solar Roof Panels

The many advantages of using solar power to fascinate each individual to try to start using this energy in their homes. People who rely primarily on the use of commercial electricity always threw the question “Why Go Solar?” Here is the important point. Choosing a solar energy system will allow you to reduce your monthly electricity bills tend to rise ... Read More »

The Benefits Of Solar Power For Your Home

The Benefits Of Solar Power For Your Home

Have you ever thought about equipping your house with solar energy, but thought it was too expensive? Yes, solar energy systems of any home can be an expensive design at the front, but in a few years could be filed with the cheapest source of energy you can buy. Imagine the sale of electricity to the local utility, rather than ... Read More »

What Are The Benefits Of Living Off The Grid

What Are The Benefits Of Living Off The Grid

Living off the grid can be defined as living in a way that is self-sufficient they are not based on public services. It means living without depending on municipal water supply, natural gas, electricity and even sewer. You live largely without the basic elements of modern elements that make life more comfortable and convenient. A house that is off the ... Read More »

Sustainable Roofing Options for a Greener Home


When installed correctly, the ceiling is normally kept in good condition for at least ten years. However, when replacement becomes inevitable, environmentally friendly options should be considered. Here are a few different options, durable effective accessories reviews. Solar tiles and natural lighting Solar coatings are one of the most complete and ecological options. Although expensive technology, solar power has improved, ... Read More »

The Use Of Portable Solar Panels

solar lights

Portable solar panels are very convenient as they are both light and thin. These were designed to be flexible for comfort in the creation and storage. They are mainly used outdoors, but can also feed a whole family while using little space. The use of portable solar panels is popular among travelers and campers since there is no problem with ... Read More »

The Different Types of Renewable Energy Solutions

The Different Types of Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable energy is generated from natural sources and sustainable replenished constantly. Different technologies are used to create energy and help a lot in improving efficiency in homes and ensure that family health is given the best. The energy reduces reliance on fossil fuels common, slows global warming, which has become a very serious problem and also improves air quality. The ... Read More »

Fossil Fuel Generators Versus Green Energy

Fossil Fuel Generators Versus Green Energy

Often we find the term “green energy” or “clean energy”. What does that mean exactly? In simple terms, this means that the source and method of energy that does not pollute the environment. The system is linked to the nature of the source and therefore, if the source is chosen correctly, the levels of pollution due to the process are ... Read More »

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