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Thursday , 22 February 2018

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10 Quick Tips to Installing Your Own PV System

Assuming your desired installation location is facing true south, you are ready to install your photovoltaic (PV) system. Make sure there is no shade that may or may occur. You want to keep in mind the tree (s) do not develop, neighbors can be trembling, and cities can implement posts / electric light or power poles, so keep that in ... Read More »

Top 5 Tips to Reduce Your Electricity Usage in the Home


Electricity is a necessity, and unfortunately, can not live without her or function. Electricity consumption in the home is one of the largest contributions to increased carbon footprint. You can do your part to reduce carbon footprint by reducing electricity consumption at home. There are five different ways you can reduce the consumption of electricity in your home: Skip unnecessary ... Read More »

True Costs to Dirty Energy

True Costs to Dirty Energy

There are many costs to dirty energy, money is the most obvious, but some are more subtle, such as air pollution, destruction of the environment, habitat loss and more. My goal is to make this world a better place, a place where my son can grow old and not have to worry about fear of contamination. Now that may seem ... Read More »

Is Solar Power a Good Option for You?

solar energy as an option

Solar energy seems to be one of the most popular things out there these days. This is a very good choice for someone that is at once aware of the environment and their wallets. Solar energy is an excellent choice for someone who is aware of their impact on the environment, as it is an abundant and sustainable energy. There ... Read More »

Maximizing Solar Power Systems Benefits

Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy and initial costs are slightly in recent years. If you are seriously thinking of installing solar equipment, then this article can be a great way to start. Needless to say that your solar equipment needs sun to produce energy. Monitor sun exposure at home for a few days, noting the ... Read More »

What Electric Cars Are All About

solar electric cars

An electric vehicle is a motor vehicle propelled by one or more electric motors using electric power stored in batteries, which then projects the power for the electric motor vehicle drive train. The first electric cars appeared in the 1880s, electric cars were popular in the 20th century and early 19th century until the common combustion engines for mass production ... Read More »

The Advantages of Green Building

The Advantages of Green Building

Green building is not a new trend in architecture and housing. It has existed for decades, but only in recent years that the call for the construction of homes and businesses by the idea of ​​eco-environment and safe and efficient energy environment has become stronger. If you are thinking about what it is and what it can bring to the ... Read More »

6 Must-Have Energy Efficient Devices In Your New Home

solar energy devices

The good news about going green and installing energy saving devices in the home is that it is not necessary to make big changes immediately. You can make your home energy efficient by installing a device at a time. What devices are these? Let’s look at the most popular. 1. Programmable Thermostat Installing a programmable thermostat, instead of regular, will ... Read More »

How Can Solar Electricity Become Even Cheaper?

At the start of mass production of electricity from sunlight, discussions on solar electricity prices have never been arrested. The main focus is electricity produced from sunlight, which was generally more expensive than that supplied by the mains. Prices may be lower? If they can, how can we achieve it? falling costs One solar panels were expensive and inexpensive time ... Read More »

Green Building Strategies

green building

Homeowners and businesses of all sizes around the world are beginning to pay more attention to the techniques and strategies of ecological construction, both for the sake of the environment and the pocket of building occupants end. The good news is that sufficient time to evaluate exactly what initiatives have been helpful had elapsed. Manufacturers are using advanced framing techniques ... Read More »

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