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Does Your Home Deserve Solar Power?

Does Your Home Deserve Solar Power

The term “solar energy” is often used these days, but some owners have considered a realistic option. Without estimates, most people assume that the cost of installation would be completely outweigh the potential benefits. While green energy has come a long way since its inception, many people still view this technology as trapped in its infant stage. With its recent ... Read More »

Sunshine State lagging behind in solar energy

The Sunshine State residents realize that the exploitation of the abundant solar energy in Florida is not an easy task. Industry experts rank third in Florida in the nation in the potential of solar energy roof, but 13 in the amount of solar energy produced. Experts in renewable energy and solar industry say Florida is being delayed because the state ... Read More »

CIAL to be world’s first fully solar-powered airport

kochi airport solar energy

Kochi International Airport is on track to become the first airport in the world to draw all its power from solar energy. The airport would generate 12 MW of solar energy, and work should be completed in three months. Bosch is the structure of the airport to build the necessary structures. CIAL, the company that manages the airport, plans to ... Read More »

Solar Attic Fans Can Reduce Your Energy Bill


A simple way to reduce your electricity bill Many owners of Hawaii spend a small fortune to run fans and air conditioning in trying to keep your house cool. Most homes, houses, especially older, depends trade winds to keep your home from becoming unbearable. Generally people who are trying to beat the heat was just installed an expensive air conditioning ... Read More »

Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Solar Installations


In today’s society, there is a good chance that you’ve probably seen or at least heard of solar panels. Regardless of how you learned about solar installations, you may wonder if they are a good choice for you and your energy needs. With about 600,000 businesses and households in the United States to make the change, it is safe to ... Read More »

Top 3 Solar Energy Breakthroughs to Watch Out For

Solar power remains untapped genius we need for sustainable clean energy. After the discovery, the cost and effectiveness, even cosmetic-continue to advance this technology as a generator fully commercially viable and sustainable energy. Getting Skyscrapers in downtown It will not be long before our cities become independent power, requiring little or no power unsustainable. Gone will be miles of pylons ... Read More »

Amazing: Solar road set up in Netherlands

solar road surface that generates electricity

A Dutch bike path designed to produce solar energy produces more energy than expected in its first six months. SolaRoad generated more than 3,000 hours of kilowatt hours of electricity from the band of 70 meters long was officially opened in November 2014, in Krommenie, a village northwest of Amsterdam, the project announced last week. He said that was enough ... Read More »

This Area Would Be Enough to Power the Whole World with Solar Energy


Did you know the amount of electricity consumed in the world each year? According to statistics Site Index Mundi, the world’s electricity consumption reached 17,780 million kWh in 2011 and 19.090 million kWh in 2012. With a growing population and expansion of the technological infrastructure, the number increases every year, while the energy resources of our planet are limited and ... Read More »

Why Tesla’s new battery is kind of a big deal


Electric cars may not be great for gas companies, but it feels like a net gain for utilities: after all, if you connect a Tesla in the garage every night which is a bit of juice, you can charge tear. Tesla’s goal, however, is not only to make the cars less hostile environment, but to do all that way too. ... Read More »

Introducing Solar Energy To Your Family

solar energy risks to health

One of the difficulties that solar and renewable energy found in the past is that people are forced to learn about it. People are busy and are also reluctant to change and learn. It is much easier to get energy from traditional sources that seem “magic” power transfer and electricity in homes through the son of electricity network. However, we ... Read More »

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