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Everything You Need to Know About Solar Energy

The sun beams down enough energy every hour to satisfy the whole planet’s global energy needs for an entire year. Solar energy is the technology used to harness the sun’s energy and make it productive. However, we are only utilizing solar energy to provide only one tenth of one percent of all the global energy demand. Most people are familiar ... Read More »

What Does It Really Mean to Go “Green”?

Let’s face it… Most of us, if honest, will humbly acknowledge that we have been thrust into this wave of environmentally focused awareness having only a limited scope of perspective and true understanding of what it means to actually live and function in a “green” society. Various media vehicles such as the Internet, World News, and even in casual conversations ... Read More »

All We Ever Need to Know About LED Downlights


Conventional lighting is fast being swopped out for LED options. One of the main reasons for this move is the huge reduction in electricity bills we can experience by switching to LED. Even if we’re not using solar panels to power up, LED cuts our electricity usage by around 80%. As well as being highly energy efficient, LED downlights are ... Read More »

Solar Power Systems Increase Community Resilience

Today, solar power systems provide a highly effective way for communities to improve their chances for being better able to function in the case of potential widespread emergencies. Communities must adapt to the many changing conditions and threats that can occur in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. Solar energy and renewable resources are key components to increasing ... Read More »

Are Your Solar Powered Lights Not Working – What Could Be Wrong?

solar lights

Solar powered lights are increasing in popularity throughout the world, providing you with a cost effective and environmentally friendly lighting solution that you can rely on and trust. There are times when your solar powered lights don’t perform as expected. This may be anything from them not giving off any light to them giving off too little lights. Knowing potential ... Read More »

4 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Solar Panels

Installing solar panels on your roof allows you to generate free, clean energy while reducing your bills and helping the environment. PV solar panels are becoming increasingly common across the UK as more people begin to understand the huge benefits that they bring. However, before you invest, it is a good idea to ask a few key questions to help ... Read More »

How Solar Energy Systems Work and How They Benefit You

All around the world and especially in the US, people are adopting lifestyles that benefit the earth by limiting chemical use, power use, and just all around choosing to “go green”. One of the ways that people are changing their lifestyles is by using alternative forms of energy that save money. Today you can learn how systems fueled by solar ... Read More »

5 Advantages of Solar Power

Why It Is Important To Save Energy

There is much awareness now across the globe about solar power and the ways we can use it to save our environment. Apart from the use of renewable solar energy to generate electricity in our homes it has several advantages. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider using renewable sources of solar energy. It’s free: Solar energy ... Read More »

What Goes on Inside a Solar Panel?

A solar panel is a device which converts light into electricity. They are erected on roofs or buildings which face the sun. Many scientists call these solar panels photovoltaic’s, which means in simple terms “light electricity”. To understand what goes on inside a solar panel you have to understand what they are made of. A solar panel is made of ... Read More »

What Are Solar PV Panels?

The Future Belongs To Solar Power

Units containing one or many photovoltaic cells for the purpose of producing electricity are known as solar PV panels. As it is evident, the abbreviation ‘PV’ stands for Photovoltaic. The invention of Photovoltaic cells has led to the revolution of generating electricity through solar panels. At the early stages solar PV panels were only used on satellites and a few ... Read More »